My One Word For 2020


New Year New Word

Each year I think about a word that I want to help me provide structure and provide a system to enable my new habits and goals room to flourish.  As the previous year comes to a close, I spend time thinking about my  word for the coming year.

It takes me back to the days of choosing baby names when I would write out, say aloud, and then ponder different combinations in an effort to choose one that felt right.

Words I have Used

In 2014, it took me forever to come up with my word.  Right when I was about to give up, I saw the word, “Believe” on a shopping bag, and knew it was meant for me.  One year I chose the word, “Forward”, and another “Innovation” was my word as I tried something new each month.  Last year, the word “Real” came to me in a dream, and so I picked it.

This Year I knew my word in early November.

The Inspiration

Over the summer I read Deena Kastor’s book, Let Your Mind Run, and got an idea for my word.  One of the things Kastor talks about is seeing her impossible as a runner, and literally chasing the most amazing version of herself.  Over the summer, I started using the hashtag, #Chaseyourimpossible2019.

I loved it so much, that at the start of December, I wanted to claim #Chaseyourimpossible2020, so I began using that during the last 30 days of the year.

I have added a few other hashtags to tell my story, like #BuildingtheroadtoBoston, #Fueledbyfaith, and #itstime.  But, the word “Chase” continues to stand out.  To me, it captures equally important words like focus, forward, drive, growth, and potential.

However, I don’t think a word has ever provided me so much energy and excitement!

As I embark on a new year, one that will be filled with accomplishing huge running goals, I could not be more excited about the momentum that goes with the word, CHASE!

What I am Chasing

In addition to chasing my impossible as a runner, I decided to focus on 52 different things this year.  Each week I am going to chase something new that I want to improve or be more aware of. Since you can only chase one thing at a time, I am going deep with topic each week.

Week 1, that began hours ago, has launched a race, where I am chasing Long Term Planning.

The Process

Each week my process will involve assessing where I am starting from, as well as reflecting on why I want to learn more about the area.  Then, the plan is to research by reading, listening, and observing people who do well in my goal area.  Then, I can select a few action steps and apply my knowledge.

Possible topics to chase might include

Kindness, An organized kitchen, a genre of book I don’t read often, each one of my kids, my husband, methods of cooking, family history, my favorite president, simplicity, a country I want to travel to, financial concepts, elephants, the number 11, an author I love, mindfulness, and patience are a few things I am curious about.

I am excited to think about topics to chase, but also want the year to unfold naturally!  My shoes are ready!  I can’t wait to start running. 


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