Be Proud

4:00 AM Faith

Photo by Michael Spain on Unsplash

Don’t Stop Until You are Proud

One of my favorite running quotes from the Peloton Instructors is, “Don’t stop until you are proud”.

Some days it is easy to work hard and feel proud about what we accomplish. Other days, it seems as though we can never do enough and it seems impossible to feel proud enough to stop.

He Is Proud of You

Jesus says in Luke 3:22, “I am pleased with you”. He is proud of you. You are perfect. You are enough.

Each day say, “I got the perfect amount of things done. I spent the right amount of money. I spent time with the perfect combination of people. I relaxed for the perfect amount of time”.

You are Exactly Where you Are Supposed to Be

In God’s eyes, you are amazing. He knew when to stop creating you because he was proud. You are exactly where you are supposed to be today. You are on track to fulfilling the purpose for your life.

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