My ONE Word.

At the end of 2015, I saw a post the immediately grabbed my attention. It was about the “one word” resolution for the year.  A few people I respect had tried it, so I thought why not!

My one word

The idea was not to focus on a bunch of different resolutions, but to simplify change that you want to make by turning attention to one word that could encompass everything.

I thought about my word for a long time.  The next day, I decided the word should be mindfulness.  It sounded like something that I “should” be doing more of. It also sounded like a rather intense word, so I thought I would check out a few library books on the word and learn about it if this was going to be my word.

The next day, I began thumbing  through my books on mindfulness.  There was a lot to learn.  The problem was that I was not excited about my word.  No matter what I tried to do, it did not have any energy.  Ultimately, I needed to keep looking for a new word.

That was when it hit me in the middle of a shopping mall.  We were waiting for dinner on our anniversary, and a woman came walking through with a Christmas Shopping bag that said, “Believe”.  Right away, I knew it was my word.  I was excited, felt the energy in the word, and could not wait to start thinking about how I would use this word every day!

I would encourage myself to believe in others, believe in the process of things, believe in myself and ultimately strengthen belief in God and my faith.  It was the perfect word.  Believe reminds me of magic, and a magical word that sparkles is exactly what I was looking for.




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