My kids were encouraged to play sports.

Why sports?

From soccer to baseball, basketball, tennis, running and dance;  my kids have played it all.  My kids absolutely love being on a team or participating with a group of people in an athletic competition.  My husband and I are both athletic, and played several sports when we were younger.  We both continue to train as distance runners.  In addition to their own sports, my kids have grown up watching races of all distances.  They have helped  to congratulate me at more marathon finish lines than they can count on their hands.  So, the other day I started thinking about my kids, and why I have encouraged their participation in sports.

Active participation on athletic teams, has taught me some of my greatest lessons.  I have learned how to work with teammates toward a common goal.  I have had to be patient and sit on the bench, even when I so desperately wanted to get into a game.  I have struck out, or missed a free throw when it mattered.  Many of the words that coaches used to stay still come out of my mouth today.l  There is no substitute for the tremendous feeling of winning a close game! Lessons about good sportsmanship also matter.  There are many times when another player has not been respectful during a game.  However, kids quickly learn that it always important to take the high road.  When my kids are part of a team, they represent something big!  Therefore, there behavior, attitude, appreance and overall respect for others is always on display.  They soon resize what it is like to be a role model .

In addition to all the lessons abut character, student athletes  are active, and inderstand why eating healthy and sleeping well are necessary. They also understand how amazing it can feel to run around for an hour.

While there are so many positives, being a student athlete can be tough.  There are days when it exhausting, and practice does not sound like fun.  Completing homework in the late hours after a busy night at the baseball field can be daunting .  But, is there a better way to prepare for real life?  Lessons about time management and priorities are best learned when kids are younger.

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