Maker Space box Challenge

Day 1 Box 1

In an effort to find time to allow students to create and be inventors, I have created the Maker space box challenge!  A student or pair of students are given a box that includes 6 items.  They have to use each of the items when creating their new product.  They can choose to add any additional items.  There is a time limit of 15 minutes to keep everyone focused and on task.  They are given a choice of three things to make.  For example, today I had the list of three objectives read:  Game controller, camera, and microphone.

Watching the process and intensity is amazing.  I discovered that I have some creative students!  Watch the video bellow to enjoy the process of how the first challenge unfolded!  The cool thing is that in Laura Flemming’s book, “World’s of Making”, I was made aware that the maker space can work hand in hand with the Common Core!  I can see so many options for this!