Edmodo! The answer to many of my problems!

Life as a teacher can be stressful.  It is tough to have a short class period, 30 students at all different abilities, random interruptions and simply no way of guaranteeing everyone’s attention and participation at the same time.  Sadly, because of many of these things, students miss out on valuable instruction.

Edmodo reminds me of marathon running!  Some of the things about running that I love, are that you can run anytime, any where and go for as long as you would like.  Edmodo provides today’s 21st Century learner with those options.  He or she can literally learn anywhere!  The other thing about using Edmodo to provide resources like videos, podcasts and other supplemental materials is that it allows students to work at the pace the teacher sets, or their own.  By having access to materials that do not disappear like a teacher’s voice, or time (when the class is over), studnets can rewind, and fast forward through material.

There are all kinds of platforms to use for flipping your classroom or providing a blended environment for your students.   Edmodo is the one that I have used the most simply because it is simple, and it works. Over the years, I am learning how to better navigate it and provide more organization for my students by posting agendas and numbering assignments.   I love the opportunity to send the students book trailers, on virtual tours at colleges, and assess their common core knowledge through some of the snap shots that test for understanding of a standard.   The data that edmodo provides is amazing!

These are a few of the things that I included in my Edmodo Con 2015 application to be a speaker.  I am so excited for the possibility!!!

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

The blog challenge topic for day 5, is to create a picture of my classroom. I think it best that I actually take a physical picture of a my classroom and upload it. But, besides just seeing the color and excitement of my room, there is so much more to what my classroom is about.

I currently teach in a computer lab where I have a journalism class (random pieces of projects and advertisements all over the place), computers, and my English class. The ability to teach all of my classes in the same room in the same building is something that I have not had the opportunity to do in such a long time. It feels so good to be grounded! I love that my English class can be taught in a complete blended learning style. Tables in the middle of the room for collaborating, computers circling the entire room, and a large book shelf in the corner lend to tremendous possibilities Many students also have their own devices.

The use of the Edmodo Platform enables me to team teach with myself! I love it. I really feel that flipping many of my lessons allows for me to read allowed. Articles about technology to my computer classes and novels to my ELA class. I will always be a literary nut no matter what I teach. Excitement for literature, no matter its form always seems to win over. It is truly inspiring and exciting to see students reading from a novel in a classroom filled with the latest gadgets and devices.