Day 4 30 Day Blog Challenge

The challenge for Day 4, is to talk about what I love the most in education.
I remember when I was first interviewing for jobs, and a college professor instructed us how to answer this question. He maintained that we should say, “I love kids and I love my subject area.” While I would agree that for the most part this is a pretty true answer that has not changed all that much, it is fairly vague.

Today, one of the things I have found to love actually has shown itself through being a community member and having my own kids. It all came together as I was sitting in curriculum night for my first grader two years ago. The teacher is also someone who lives in the community in which she works. It really made sense when she talked about how other teachers help her biological kids, and she too guides many kids in the ways in which she would want someone to do for her kids. I love being part of that community. I see kids all over the place outside of the classroom, and truly feel as though I am part of a larger community. I love watching my own children be guided by teachers, and then in turn being able to guide other people’s kids as if they were my own. I always do what I would like someone to do for my kids. Sure enough, that is happening every day.

30 day blog challenge Day 1

I am going to attempt the 30 day blog challenge!  I am in!  This type of challenge is exactly what I need to do in order to be more intentional about blogging.

1.  This first challenge asks me to think about the goals I have for this school year.  In fact, I am already ahead of the game.  Last week, after attending a great conference, I sat down and wrote a few goals out.



1. Focus on building relationships through technology. Build relationships regardless; but use technology to reach out and make it fun for my students.

2. Try Project Based Learning.  One thing on my evaluation that I could improve is relationships with the community.  By Forming a TED ed club, and doing more project based learning, I will be able to hopefully excite parents and community members about our school. I look forward to them realizing ways in which they can be involved. 

3. Continue flipped and blended teaching methods. (Stretch to do even more this year).

4. Remember that teaching is a privilege. I am the one that gets the opportunity to notice kids and make them feel important.

5. Continue to try new things. Inspire my students to create and see technology as magic at their finger tips.  I am looking to use Augmented Reality in particular to heighten engagement.  

6. Remind students and staff that they matter.