SAT Prep

What if there was a question each day that you could practice with? What if you got so good at the English portions of the SAT that regardless of your future plans you realized that you are incredibly powerful and have what it takes to be anything you want? What if you changed your story?

The English portion is made up of three possible parts: Reading, Language and an Essay. (Some schools require the essay)

Day 1

Let´s GOoooooooooo!

Do questions 36 and 37



Day 2

*Answer questions 12 and 13

Day 3

Day 4

Colons and Semicolons

Semicolons are used to separate complete thoughts. You should be able to replace the semicolon with a period and have two complete sentences.

Incorrecct: Because Jesse is my friend; I invited him to my party.

Correct: Jesse is my friend; I invited him to my party.

*The phrase after the semicolon has to be able to stand alone as a sentence.

*A comma cannot be placed after a preposition.

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