30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 6

Today’s challenge is to blog about a good Mentor.  

Having a good mentor as a teacher, can be quite valuable.  But, like most things in life, something that you cannot be just assigned (as a first year teacher would be).  It is something that you have to go out and seek  yourself.  When I first started teaching, I taught in three different schools during my first three years as an educator.  Each of the assigned mentors were helpful.  However, I did not truly begin to thrive in having someone to watch to try and emulate until I started to seek out my own examples of excellent teaching.  

Today I find that most of my mentors are found through social media networks.  By following professional educators and groups on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, I am able to have numerous resources at my finger tips.  It is amazing, and only something that can be done in the 21st Century!  I love having a question, and being able to tweet it to the correct person. I love reading a book, and being able to tweet the author to let her or him know that I am walking along side them reading a book they wrote recently.  

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

The blog challenge topic for day 5, is to create a picture of my classroom. I think it best that I actually take a physical picture of a my classroom and upload it. But, besides just seeing the color and excitement of my room, there is so much more to what my classroom is about.

I currently teach in a computer lab where I have a journalism class (random pieces of projects and advertisements all over the place), computers, and my English class. The ability to teach all of my classes in the same room in the same building is something that I have not had the opportunity to do in such a long time. It feels so good to be grounded! I love that my English class can be taught in a complete blended learning style. Tables in the middle of the room for collaborating, computers circling the entire room, and a large book shelf in the corner lend to tremendous possibilities Many students also have their own devices.

The use of the Edmodo Platform enables me to team teach with myself! I love it. I really feel that flipping many of my lessons allows for me to read allowed. Articles about technology to my computer classes and novels to my ELA class. I will always be a literary nut no matter what I teach. Excitement for literature, no matter its form always seems to win over. It is truly inspiring and exciting to see students reading from a novel in a classroom filled with the latest gadgets and devices.



Day 4 30 Day Blog Challenge

The challenge for Day 4, is to talk about what I love the most in education.
I remember when I was first interviewing for jobs, and a college professor instructed us how to answer this question. He maintained that we should say, “I love kids and I love my subject area.” While I would agree that for the most part this is a pretty true answer that has not changed all that much, it is fairly vague.

Today, one of the things I have found to love actually has shown itself through being a community member and having my own kids. It all came together as I was sitting in curriculum night for my first grader two years ago. The teacher is also someone who lives in the community in which she works. It really made sense when she talked about how other teachers help her biological kids, and she too guides many kids in the ways in which she would want someone to do for her kids. I love being part of that community. I see kids all over the place outside of the classroom, and truly feel as though I am part of a larger community. I love watching my own children be guided by teachers, and then in turn being able to guide other people’s kids as if they were my own. I always do what I would like someone to do for my kids. Sure enough, that is happening every day.

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

The blog assignment for day 3 is to examine how I plan to improve one more more areas of my evaluation.  

While I do a good job with a variety of things, there is always room for improvement.  Students cannot be engaged too much.  I will never be able to communicate too much with the community or parents.  I can always make a point to reach out to one more student and inspire and cultivate a relationship.  

My areas of focus are:

1.  Working  on increasing communication with the surrounding community.  I am confident that project based learning, augmented reality and some of the photography we do will pave the way for students and community members to work together more often.  The focus this year will be more partnerships.  

2.  Likewise, I want to inspire our own students more. Photography is a great way to instill the idea that we are about students here, and they matter.  Students who see that they are valued will care more.  I plan to do an even better job of going out of my way to build those relationships.  For example;  take pictures during lunch while talking to students and getting to know them.  

I am excited for the challenges this year!  Overwhelming or not, this is my dream, and could not be better! 


30 day blog challenge day 2

Today’s blog challenge is to write about technology that you would like to try out.

Where do I begin?

There are so many resources.  Some of these resources, I don’t even know exist right now!

1.  I want to make some use of Skype and other things like google hangouts.   I am nervous about trying some of these things, but really need to give it a go at some point.

2.  I want to play with augmented reality.  I see some potential for this and  am excited to show students the possibilities.  

3.  I want to become more proficient with digital photo editing and video and recording programs like iMovie.

I cannot wait to see what is not even out yet!

30 day blog challenge Day 1

I am going to attempt the 30 day blog challenge!  I am in!  This type of challenge is exactly what I need to do in order to be more intentional about blogging.

1.  This first challenge asks me to think about the goals I have for this school year.  In fact, I am already ahead of the game.  Last week, after attending a great conference, I sat down and wrote a few goals out.



1. Focus on building relationships through technology. Build relationships regardless; but use technology to reach out and make it fun for my students.

2. Try Project Based Learning.  One thing on my evaluation that I could improve is relationships with the community.  By Forming a TED ed club, and doing more project based learning, I will be able to hopefully excite parents and community members about our school. I look forward to them realizing ways in which they can be involved. 

3. Continue flipped and blended teaching methods. (Stretch to do even more this year).

4. Remember that teaching is a privilege. I am the one that gets the opportunity to notice kids and make them feel important.

5. Continue to try new things. Inspire my students to create and see technology as magic at their finger tips.  I am looking to use Augmented Reality in particular to heighten engagement.  

6. Remind students and staff that they matter.