Sometimes All You Need Is a YouTube Video

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Today I was listening to an audio book, and realized I was lost.

The book came highly regarded by several sources, and I loved the beginning! However, as I started to get busy with other things as I was listening, I got lost. All of a sudden a book I had hours before been devouring, was now filled with rambling and a story that I could not figure out. After coming to grips with the fact that I needed to do stop and do something different, I decided to consult YouTube!

The opportunitity to to instantly search for a video to deliver a lesson or discussion on a particular topic that makes learning manageable.

Within seconds, I found a video about the author of my book. She was explaining her memoir, and talking about her story. A few of the things she said filled in several gaps for me, and I was able to continue reading. This time, I continued with an even deeper idea of what the book was about.

It is not uncommon for me to look for videos when I want to learn something new. Audio-processing is one way I learn best. The magic happens when a new level of understanding emerges. Often the best videos are the ones that I watch after taking a look at a few. Different videos serve different purposes. Sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes after a process of searching- the perfect video is found. Videos can connect information that is difficult to otherwise process. And, more than even helping us form a basic level of understanding, it is the video that opens up a whole new world in our awarness of a topic.

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