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Running Gives me the Opportunity to Be at my Best

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The Morning Workout

Before anyone is awake, I am up.

4:00 AM is the time my alarm shows. I crave the opportunity to be up when the world is quiet. When I look outside it is still dark, and 4:00 AM feels intentional. Without an alarm, I would not necessarily be awake at the 4:00 AM hour. As a veteran runner, full-time teacher, and mom of three kids, there is only one way to guarantee that a daily workout happens- and that is by making it part of the morning routine. The coolest thing about the morning workout is that it feels like I stole something from the rest of the day. As the world is waking up, I have already put in several miles, lifted weights and done something I can be proud of. I was a runner in college, before I got married, had kids and began teaching. Today, I continue to compete as an athelete and love knowing that I can embrace an identity I am really proud of.

Besides gaining confidence from having an amazing run, working out gives me the opportunity to create energy. When I start running, my mind is filled with noise. As I ease into the run, it eventually gets quiet. And, at the end of a run I am fueled and ready to take on anything! After I run I think clearly, am more creative, open to possiblities and much more calm. The morning run is a gift.

As I think about the fact that I have been given a gift, I realize that I have to protect what I have created. After a run, I have energy, and I can give it to anyone or anything. The challenge now becomes making sure that I don’t waste what has been given to me. I have to be picky about where my energy goes.

When I run I get closer to becoming the best I can offer the world.

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