The Past Is Gone, and there a Million Possible Futures

Photo by Tomasz Frankowski on Unsplash

“The most important shot in golf is the next one.” — Ben Hogan

Mistakes are made. Setbacks occur and some days are difficult. But, the past is gone, and there are a million possible futures. And, they all begin with the next shot. Whatever happened ten years ago, 24 hours ago, five minutes or even seconds earlier is complete.

An Opportunity to be Better than Before

It might not be what you originally planned, but there is always an opportunity to be better than what was done before. The most important thing to do is set your eyes on what’s next.

Sometimes that is easier said than done, but Philippians 4:13 reminds us, I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Interested in a Daily Faith Boost?

This post comes from a devotional series called 4:00 AM Faith. It is written each morning and sent in a condensed format to several people. If you are interested in receiving a daily faith boost, email me at

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