Train So You Can Tolerate it


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Embrace the Journey

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Nick Foles has experienced several ups and downs during his career.  From Superbowl wins to a broken collar bone, and a list of many other ups and downs, Foles has embraced the journey.

He says, “Our purpose isn’t football.  It’s impacting people”.

Foles says that when you read the word of God, and you understand it, there’s trials along the way, but it makes it possible for your heart to be who you are. 

Expect it to Hurt

“The Race always hurts.  Expect it to hurt. You don’t train so it doesn’t hurt, you train so you can tolerate it” (Mark Rowland).  The tough moments in life are going to hurt.

No matter the amount of good you are trying to do in the world, life will include pain, anger, disappointment, fear and sadness.  And, some days will be really tough.  

Fill Your Mind with Fuel that Offers Hope

Focus on filling your mind with fuel that includes, hope, courage, scripture, great moments, love, encouragement, beauty, opportunity, challenge, growth, and friendship.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 says, that’s why we are not discouraged. Even if outwardly we are wearing out, inwardly we are being renewed each and every day.

You Train so You Can Tolerate It

The daily training, called life, is tough. But you don’t train so that it will be easy and not hurt.  You train so you can tolerate the really tough moments and somehow keep fighting.  

Interested in a Daily Faith Boost?

This post comes from a devotional series called 4:00 AM Faith. It is written each morning and sent in a condensed format to several people. If you are interested in receiving a daily faith boost, email me at and specify if you would like it to be sent as email or text, and if phone number, provide the number.

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