The Fight Is Yours To Win

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When You Hit Rock-Bottom

I know that I can deal when things are bad. I can come back when things are at their worst. I’m not afraid of losing all my money or losing my career because I know I’m capable of living in my car and rising up. 

Once you’ve conquered the worst things that could happen, there is no need to fear the unknown. The fight is yours to win. – Ronda Rousey (Professional Wrestler) 

My Fight Your Fight

In her book, My Fight- Your Fight, Rousey talks about low points in her life.  One was when she was living in her car and had lost everything. You may not have lived in your car, lost your money or career, but you have hit rock-bottom in another way or had really low moments that you might be embarrassed to share, but will always remember.  

And, because you are still here, there will be more difficulties to face. Don’t despair, the fight is yours to win. With God’s help, you are capable of rising up and coming back.  

You Can Rise Up

But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high (Psalm 3:3). You are capable of amazing things. Yes, you can rise up and come back.  The fight is yours to win. 

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