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How I This Topic Came to Be

Originally I had plans to chase other things this week.  Through reading a book called, Lead With Faith by Sarah Johnson, I happened upon a few different tests that were intended to reveal and tell more about who I am at my core.

During the month of January, I took the 4 Tendencies Quiz by Gretchen Rubin, and discovered that I am upholder.

How I Applied the Four Tendencies

I think I probably knew this, but having my kids and husband take the quiz was really interesting and helped me to see everyone in a new light.  It even changed my thinking as far as how I assigned work and thought about my students.

I Wanted More Insight

Sarah Johnson’s book, Lead With Faith provided a few resources about the Enneagram test. I really liked taking this test.  It gave me a really comprehensive and specific idea about who I am.

The test

I found out I am a 3.  Thoughts on Being a 3

I am only beginning  to unpack the ideas, and big concepts when it comes to being a 3.  I suppose that is what happens when you give yourself a week to explore a topic.  I have two different books, and a few podcasts I plan explore and more as I read and listen to more.  But, I am in the middle of unlocking something big.

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