It’s Okay to Say NO


No Doesn’t Mean I am Scared.

No is Complete

It is okay, and even incredibly smart to say “No” sometimes. Saying no correctly, tactfully and respectfully is an art. It works best when there is confidence, respect and support enveloped in the “No”.

I am finding that I practice being open-minded in the general sense. There are times to be adventurous and try open-minded to trying new things. Sometimes we try something on a whim having no idea what the result will be. Experiencing new things adds to our character, promotes growth and challenges us. However, as an athlete, I love what I do so much so that I choose to be selective in what I do.

Being open-minded about new experiences as a runner looks different for me.

It is okay that I have run mainly road races and choose not to do trails as often or enter ultra marathons. I am defining myself, and who I am as a runner. And I love what my sport looks like for me.

Life is Short

The days might be long, but the years fly by. We never know when we will need to make changes to our lives as a result of our own doing or our physical or mental limitations.

It is because we never know what tomorrow holds, that today matters.

It is important that we are honest with ourselves and we do the activities we most want to. When someone has a genuine love for something, he or she is excited to share the passion. Sometimes people will ask us to join in on a particular adventure. Sometimes giving it a try is the right answer and may end up serving us well. However, especially when you are established in your sport or hobby, it is okay to confidently decline and say “No” without hesitation or apology. It can be tough when close friends and family recommend certain activities they think we will love.

I am fortunate that people always think positively of my ability to engage in a physically demanding adventure. But, I also feel fortunate I have learned to determine what I want to do.

My Husband Loves the Experience

My husband is an extraordinary Ultra Marathon runner. He has an uncanny ability to run and bike for extreme distances. He trains hard and has a love for adventure. He wrote about a few of his epic races bellow. I love his excitement for new adventures. His passion fuels my excitement for the things I love.

When I read about his experiences I am fascinated and want to know more.

I love details related to picking out a race, getting gear, reading and analyzing the course, researching strategies and enjoy hearing about the grueling moments experienced throughout the race. I am so incredibly excited for my husband who has recently decided to take on an even more extreme challenge in 2020. After race reports are some of my favorite things to read.

Discovering What I Like

While the excitement of a challenge energizes me, I can confidently say “No” to some of the things that do not particularly interest me.

I have found that I love watching other people complete Ultra Distances and Spartan style military runs, but don’t wish to do them myself.

The Art of Saying No

After being asked twice this weekend to consider an ultra marathon, I was happy that I had the confidence to say “No”. I explained that I wanted to be very selective about the races I was choosing to do since this was the year I wanted to complete some of my own epic goals. Using the word no correctly requires a unique set of skills. It is an art. In a non threatening situation, it can require a gentle tone filled with respect. A set of skills that at almost 40 years old, and 28 marathons later, I am just beginning to sharpen.

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