The Note in the Lunchbox

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Ten months ago I found a note in my daughter’s lunch box that she wrote.

The note read, “Have a great day at school Rachel” love, Mom, Dad, Nathan, Luke and Prince.

While this note is harmless, and even a note that almost any kid would love to have in a lunchbox, this particular bright pink sticky note penned in gold sharpie brought me to tears. I had written many notes over the years, but it had been a while since I had put one in the lunchbox.

It is easy to get caught up in the busy parts of life, and forget about doing the little things that make a difference overtime.

It was a low point for me as a mom. I felt like I had failed her. I never said anything about it to her. I took the note out, folded it up, and vowed I would do better. While I was crushed, somehow I was able to take a step back and realize that she was not telling me I was a horrible mom, just that she had a need she would like to have met.

I was still a great mom, and I was getting feedback.

It was exciting in a way, because my daughter was telling me exactly what she wanted. She was gently saying, “Please write me a note that I can open at lunch.” The next day I put a note in her lunch, and did the same for everyone else in the family.

Writing notes to my boys and my husband has been an amazing way to express love. My oldest son didn’t necessarily crave the note, but instead really enjoyed a trivia question. I can honestly say that the note in the lunchbox also improved our marriage. There is something about the surprise of a handwritten note filled with a quote, trivia question as well as warm words that can make anyone’s day better.

My middle son and husband always seem to say thank you for the notes. The other two might verbally express gratitude, I know that everyone appreciates the moment of connection.  And  I love the opportunity to write the notes.  I even bought a few already made ones from Amazon, that I could write a personalized note on the other side of a cute quote. She does not talk a lot about the notes, but I can tell that it is important because she saves each one of them. God seems to always have a way of recycling a bad moment for Good.

I love that no matter how difficult the morning is, each person in my family opens his or her lunch to a note that reminds him or her that they matter.

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