Present and Preparing for the Future

FullSizeRender.jpg (2)Summer is amazing!  As a teacher and a mom, I love the opportunity to decompress and slowdown in order to enjoy a good book, a long run without time constraints, long days at the beach.  The summer provides a chance for educators to have experiences, and tap into their passions so that the education they are able to provide is even more rich for students.  It is a privilege to forget which day of the week it is, and feel the endless summer night.

Summer is a gift; and a season to not compromise. Being present and enjoying the time is critical to our success for the coming nine months.  

As we enjoy the current season we are in, the question becomes, how can we transition gradually, so that we can glide into the next season, rather than abruptly come to a crash landing?  What if there was a way to soak up the sun while gradually starting our arrival into fall? What if we could do two things at once?

The 90/10 Rule allows for us to enjoy the last seconds of summer while gradually preparing for fall.  

photo-1488722796624-0aa6f1bb6399We prioritize transitions for kids.  It is okay to also prioritize building opportunities for teens and adults to adjust to a new season.  Before this year, I would have waited until the last minute, possibly a day or two before work began to start getting organized.  I used to think I was giving myself the gift, but in reality I have realized that I have “enjoyed” extra time at the expense of an incredibly stressful start to the fall. I am realizing that I don’t have to wait for someone to say, “Go”, before I can get started. 

What if I started now, during the middle of August, and found a way to organize and then chop away at my list of things to do well before the first day of school rolls around?  

I am realizing that 90 percent of my time can still be focused on enjoying summer.   But, after making an organized list, I can start using 10 percent of my time to work towards taking something off the list each day.  Each day taking action on one small thing will alleviate future stress when the school year begins.

lazy geniusKendra, from  The Lazy Genius advises her listeners to create a list that will ease stress in the fall.  She suggests taking really small bites.  I decided to divide this list into three categories (Family, Personal and Work), so that I would make sure I was attending to each area of my life.  I am excited to know that I can free my mind to be present and enjoy the rest of the summer, because I have started to take care of little things that would begin cluttering my mind at this point in August.  By writing things down, I am freeing up my mind to be more efficient and creative in accomplishing what I need to do without taking a lot of energy to keep task reminders circling inside my head.

The neat thing is that once a “To Do List” is written down, the mind starts working on ways to complete the list.

Here is a portion of the list I put together to prepare for the fall. 

Family Personal  Work
Inventory of lunchboxes and backpacks Request personal day for Marathon weekend.  Organize 2 weeks of lesson plans.  
Record soccer schedules the calendar in the kitchen.   Request a few library books to read to read in the fall.  Look up culture building activities for the first week. 
Buy a months worth of non-perishable snacks and lunch items.  Clean out closet determine items to get rid of and ones to purchase.   Organize invitations for student leaders

Taking the time to organize a list that I can add to as needed, has drastically improved my outlook on how organized I already am.  By making the commitment to do one thing each day, I am honestly not putting more than ten percent of my time towards preparing for the future; but yet at the same time, I am taking an active role in pursuing what I need to accomplish by the start of the year.  

So maybe I can do two things at once.  One of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety is to be prepared for the future. 

Being present is a fantastic way to reduce future stress. 

Imagine the magic when we can be present and prepared at the same time.  

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