A Simple Goal for Day 1

A Simple Goal for Day 1- Smile More

And just like that Summer 2018 becomes a memory.  

While I am sad to see a season end, and will really miss time at home with my family; there is just something about a fresh start, and the opportunity to begin something that is exciting.  I can’t wait to watch my kids enjoy their classes, sports, make new friends, be brave and experience a love for learning new things. I love the opportunity to experience elementary school and middle school all over again through their eyes!  

While I have spent time reading, gathering educational resources and organized my courses and learned a new software;  I realize that I want to be intentional about setting a goal for the first day. Yes, I can’t wait to get to know my students, facilitate an incredible amount of learning, and really get settled in order to be organized and proactive this year.  As I start to think about doing all of these things I get overwhelmed. I have so much to accomplish and 55 minutes with only each class.

In order to make a goal manageable for the first day; I have decided that focusing on one thing might be best for me.  Tomorrow, I want to have fun and enjoy my students. I want to smile more. I know it seems like such a simple goal. However, there are a lot of times that I don’t make the extra effort to smile.  Earlier this year I had a fellow baseball team parent tell me that when he sees me running I look like it really hurts and is awful. He commented that running looks like it must be the worst thing. Even Though I know he was somewhat joking, his observation has stuck with me.  The comment really took me by surprise since running is something that brings me so much joy. Two weeks ago I listened to a running podcast where Deena Kastor talked about how smiling when you run is important. She said it helps to release less stress hormone. I decided to experiment with the idea of smiling during my run.  Sure enough, Kastor was right. The run was more enjoyable and actually easier when I smiled. What if I applied this same technique during the teaching day? What if I looked as positive as I felt?Mr._Smiley_Face.svg

I can still remember teachers who laughed and smiled.  I want to provide an environment where students can be happy, like school (and my content area), as well as feel inspired.  As a parent, I know I want my own kids to enjoy school. When a teacher seems to be having fun, it makes a big difference. I certainly don’t want my students to think that learning is miserable just because I have not made the effort to smile.  Here’s to a fun first day filled with many smiles.

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