Why I Tribe

CaptureI belong. I am so excited to write my first post as a member of the Compelled Educators Tribe! Honestly, it feels like a dream come true to be able to write, connect, collaborate and be inspired by a truly outstanding group of educators. I am in shock that I get to be part of something this incredible!

During the first week of August, the Compelled Tribe is reflecting on WHY we choose to be intentional about blogging and lifting each other up with our resources, stories, and ideas.

I remember when I couldn’t find the magic in education. It was about eight or nine years ago. I had been teaching for several years, and had settled into the routine of my curriculum. Teaching was going okay; but something was missing. I felt alone as I moved from school to school, or subject area to subject area to keep a job. I did not feel connected. I did not really have a tribe. I needed people to turn to when my creativity was running low. I needed people who would lift me up when I had a rough day in the classroom, or struggled to find a way to get through to a student. I needed people who just got me. I needed a tribe.

That year I joined Twitter, I listened to a podcast called “EDUallstars”, Captureand started reading Erin Klein’s blog. As I listened to educators share their stories, and talk about the craft of teaching; I was hooked. Once again, I could see that magic, and feel the emotions that first allowed me to fall in love with the profession. I was back! While I had a very large tribe; I had a tribe. I remember when I started to recognize names of famous educators, and literally was starstruck when I met Erin Klein at a conference. Longtime friend and colleague, Rachelle Wynkoop, showed me the ropes of how to participate in a Twitter chat. The #miched chat gave me more people. I remember nervously sitting in the coffee house at my first “Tweetup”. Not long after, I started reading the Corwin Connected Educator Series (I think I devoured every book!) I remember going to an edcamp and talking to a handful of local educators. Soon I was making plans both online and in person. I regularly tagged people on Twitter. Thank you for alway positively reacting to my tweets Rachel Card! When I learned about what a PLN entailed, I realized that I really did have people. I still get so excited when I see a pretty famous educator take the time to answer my questions and offer resources. I feel connected.

As I am part of so many groups within the world of education and even outside of the profession; I realize I have a number of people who support me. On the darkest days, this means the world. J.K. Rowling says it best, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” The Tribe represents the light.

This summer I am realizing how important my tribe is. I have people who will stand by me. As I enter into a new chapter of being able to connect to amazing educators within the #Compelled Educators Tribe; I realize that I am being gifted and empowered with a great opportunity to serve others. I have a tribe. I am ready, powerful and I belong.


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