February’s New Thing

Ice Skating

February’s New ThingIMG_3154

“Hockey Skates or Figure Skates?”  I stood there for a moment not sure what to answer.  I had not thought about the fact that I would get a choice of which type of ice skate I wanted to try.  After what seemed like a very awkward pause, I responded with the question, “I don’t really skate often, which one would be easier”?

Before 2018 started, I thought about some of the things that I wanted to make sure that I would get a chance  to try out.  Ice skating was one of the first new experiences that I wanted to have.  While this would not be my first time ice skating, it was maybe 1990, and I was in middle school when I was last on ice skates.  I figured  this could qualify as a new experience since it had been a significant number of years since I had done it.  I was pretty nervous about being able to stand on skates and not completely fall over!  For some reason my mind was comparing the balance required to stand on the ice as to that needed for a tightrope walker.

February 18th had arrived.  The family was excited to take on our adventure with the Simons family.  I am pretty sure that I am the weakest link in both families when it comes to skating.  We helped the kids get their skates laced up, and Nate said that he would take the kids onto the rink as I would get settled and eventually onto the rink.  Part of this sounded like a good idea since the kids were itching to get on the ice.  However, on the other hand, part of me was very concerned that I would be able to make my way to the ice on skates all by myself!  

Putting on the skates were a little tough since the toe is very solid and it is tough to slide your foot into them.  Nevertheless I was able to get ready.  I am not too proud to say that I was pretty excited as I walked toward the ice.  I had done it, I was actually walking on ice skates and not falling over. I wasn’t sure that I had the right size, and my right foot felt a little weird, but I was ready to attack the ice.  Capture

I started out by holding onto the wall.  I slowly edged my way around the perimeter of the ice.  I felt bad for any kid who might fall because I was in no position to help him or her.   There was something pretty exhilarating about being able to glide on the ice.  I saw a few people that I knew, and the little kid in me wanted to say, “Look at me!   Did you notice I am actually ice skating!” The air felt cool, and it was very refreshing.  Luke, Rachel and Nate were skating like professionals.  I was pretty impressed by their abilities. Nathan on the other hand, had not been on skates in quite a while.  Once we switched his size of skates to a smaller size that helped and he seemed to do a little better.   For someone who had maybe ice skated once or twice, I thought he was doing a pretty fantastic job and had a willing attitude.  My growth as an ice skater was pretty amazing! As I became more comfortable I noticed my hands did not need to touch the walls, and I felt like speeding up my slow pace.  My friend Shelly and I were able to carry on a conversation for a few laps around the rink. I forgot I was actually on ice skates for a while! Although as the open skate time neared the end, I felt like I needed to sit down and take a break.  My legs were getting really tired.  

And just like that, an hour and half had passed.  As I took my feet out of the skates, it was truly the weirdest sensation.  Walking in boots felt so new!  Everyone had fun, and it was honestly something I could see doing again. I was truly impressed by the speed and grace that some people were able to skate with.  I am not sure when, but I think I will be back! It was a lot of fun.  I don’t know if I will try hockey skates a second time, or figure skates on my next skating adventure.  I liked the support of the hockey skates, but part of me would love to lace up the skates on the figure skaters.   I am very glad I tried it! It gave me a lot of confidence to know I could skate!

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