Day 5 Remembering Your Dream to Teach

There is value in looking back to that first moment when you realized that you be a teacher.  Here are some of the prompts to consider as you do that:

Describe in some detail when you first knew you wanted to be a teacher.  Growing up with two teachers as parents, it was a career I thought a lot about. Early on, I was able to gain numerous teaching experiences in after school programs and within our church.  It always felt natural.  No matter what state in life I was in, the profession always felt like home.  I do remember the exact moment when I realized that I was choosing education over nursing.  Even when I thought about nursing, I thought about how I could teach other nurses.

What appealed to you most about the job of being a teacher?  When you realized you wanted to teach, did you imagine yourself in the job  If so, describe how you saw yourself.  I remember my first summer after college, when I was applied for teaching jobs.  I could not wait to get a job!  I had all kinds of ideas about the units I would teach, the little things I could do to make learning more fun, and how I would organize the year.  I also remember the moment when I loaded up my car with my “teaching things”.  I was so excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  My first job came in August, and I had little time to prepare.  I was going to be a varsity coach as well as advise the Journalism staff (Yearbook and Newspaper).  It was a tough start, but as  the year progressed, I was able to figure out how to bring balance to my day.  I suppose, this is was not exactly what imagined.  But, I was truly fortunate to have a job, so I knew I could figure it out.  Early in my career, I thought teaching would slow down as I got older, and I would have a lot more time.  However, as someone who is always looking to try new technology sites, and read new literature, I am finding that, along with working with my own kids at home:  I am busier than ever! But, it is a good and challenging busy!  And I love it.

Do you agree teaching is a calling, and if so, what does that mean to you?  Teaching is a calling.  It is a lot of time and commitment to not be invested in it beyond a paycheck.  When the “why” is in place, and a job somehow feels like you are coming home;  you know that it is more than a job.


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