26.2 Reasons to say YES to the Common Core

In honor of my 18th Marathon (26.2 miles) tomorrow, and the Boston Marathon Monday, I have generated a list of 26.2 reasons to say, “YES”  to the Common Core State Standards. At times the standards might seem difficult, and we might wonder if the challenge might be too great.  However, they never said teaching with the CCSS would be easy; they said it would be worth it.  One of the coolest things about the marathon, is that everyone is out there doing the same thing at the same time.  You look around and realize that you are surrounded by like-minded people who have the same goals, and have come across the same challenges as you.  Everyone is headed in the same direction and has one common agenda- to cross the finish line in the most efficient way possible.  I would say that the same could be said for teachers teaching with the Common Core today.  There is nothing like the spirit of the marathon!  Likewise, there is nothing like the spirit in a quality educator, student or parent!


The 26.2 Reasons to say YES to the CCSS

1.   The CCSS teach students how to make their thinking visible.

2.  The CCSS teach students how to learn.  It is not just about how many facts you know anymore.  True knowledge comes from understanding how to learn new concepts.

3.  The CCSS help prepare students for a demanding workplace.

4.  The CCSS are solid standards that give teachers flexibility in how they approach a unit.

5.  The CCSS do not water down education.  They ensure that our kids are challenged.

6.  The CCSS give our students the opportunity to be ready for college.

7.  The CCSS can be combined, and allow for depth of teaching.

8.  The CCSS allow for teachers to foster an environment of creativity.

9.  The CCSS require that students read;  one of the most important things they can do.

10.  The CCSS are coherent and evidence based.

11.  The CCSS come with multiple resources for teachers and parents.

12.  The CCSS will help our sons and daughters compete in an every changing global society.

13.  The CCSS is not a curriculum, but a shared set of goals and expectations for what students need to succeed.

14.  The CCSS is like the most comprehensive running plan.  It is packed with all of the strategies that a teacher could imagine using in his or classroom.

15.  The CCSS might seem tough.  But, just because something is tough doesn’t mean you give up.

16.  The CCSS create the opportunity for students to learn more non fiction in English classes.

17.  The CCSS create an environment where traditional literature is valued.

18.  The CCSS make it so that a 7th grade student in Michigan has the same opportunities for learning as a 7th grader in California.

19.  The CCSS encourage a growth mindset. We learn that anything is possible.

20.  The CCSS provide a way for teachers and parents to measure student progress throughout the school year.

21.  The CCSS are visible, and easily accessible to parents who want to be involved in their children’s education.

22.  The CCSS allow for high achieving students to be challenged.

23.  The CCSS can work for students of lower ability.   We have paired up high level nurturing students with students who struggle and seen great progress.

24.  The CCSS for math allow our children think in a whole new way which will allow for more challenging math classes to be taken.

25.  The  CCSS show that learning is ongoing, and never fully complete.

26.  The CCSS are comforting to parents.  There is great trust built when we know that our kids are being exposed to what they need to know to survive in the world after high school.

.2  The CCSS with make state tests easier.  If students are prepared with the CCSS standards, tests will not seem as daunting.

So, take a deep breath and enjoy the experience.  It is exciting to be part of education today!

Reference:  http://www.corestandards.org/about-the-standards/myths-vs-facts/

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