Using Makerspace to introduce a unit.

The idea of embedding the #Maker space concept into education is something that I am quite passionate about!  Since I teach in a computer lab, many students wish to simply consume material on line rather than create something unique.  The Maker Space movement allows for creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking according to Worlds of Making by Laura Flemming.  I have great experiences with the box challenges, and giving students an objective to create.  Today however, I decided to see how it would work as an introduction to a new unit on poetry.

So, here were my directions. (First image).  Create a structure.  We later talked about how it related to creating poetry.  Artists look at pieces and don’t just see pieces- they focus on what the piece of art will become.  The lego pieces are like words and literary devices.  One student mentioned that you need to start with the structure, and a base.  Someone else said, that you just get started and see what happens.  I think both are correct when it comes to writing poetry.

I thought the overall idea worked great!  The students literally lit up at the idea of playing with legos.  Everyone was engaged, creating, collaborating, communicating and fully excited about learning the day before Spring Break.

image image image image image image

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