30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

The blog assignment for day 3 is to examine how I plan to improve one more more areas of my evaluation.  

While I do a good job with a variety of things, there is always room for improvement.  Students cannot be engaged too much.  I will never be able to communicate too much with the community or parents.  I can always make a point to reach out to one more student and inspire and cultivate a relationship.  

My areas of focus are:

1.  Working  on increasing communication with the surrounding community.  I am confident that project based learning, augmented reality and some of the photography we do will pave the way for students and community members to work together more often.  The focus this year will be more partnerships.  

2.  Likewise, I want to inspire our own students more. Photography is a great way to instill the idea that we are about students here, and they matter.  Students who see that they are valued will care more.  I plan to do an even better job of going out of my way to build those relationships.  For example;  take pictures during lunch while talking to students and getting to know them.  

I am excited for the challenges this year!  Overwhelming or not, this is my dream, and could not be better! 


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