Making Magic in Education

Today I had the privilege of attending one of the most amazing conferences around.

I am truly inspired to go and do great things this year. I am being reminded of what it is like to be a learner, when you cram your mind full of the most amazing things.  The tough part is always figuring out where to start.  Which things will I take an immediately start working on in my classroom?  As I think about these questions a few goals come to mind for this year.

1.  Focus on building relationships through technology.  Build relationships regardless; but use technology to reach out and make it fun for my students. 

2.  Try Project Based Learning.

3.  Continue flipped and blended teaching methods.  (Stretch to do even more this year).

4.  Remember that teaching is a privilege.  I am the one that gets the opportunity to notice kids and make them feel important. 

5.  Continue to try new things.  Inspire my students to create and see technology as magic at their finger tips. 
6.  Be one of the most passionate and energetic people that teach in this school. 

7.  Remind students and staff that they matter. 





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