Setting a Goal

Officially setting a goal can be scary. Once a person decides that there is an actual date by which he or she wants to complete something, then the time starts ticking. While it is always okay if a goal is not met; a driven and ambitious person is not going to be okay with defeat. Setting a goal “starts the fire” and gets the action going.

Setting goals work well with athletics, academics, and pretty much any other thing you can imagine. For example, as a distance runner, I set a mileage goal each week that I plan to accomplish. As a reader, I have set a goal to read at least a book (for my own pleasure, in addition to the vast number of other things I read for school) each month. This of course might increase once the summer comes, but for now, one a month is stretching me a little. It is always good when your goal makes you a little nervous. This reminds me of a great quote that I saw while teaching at the highs school last year, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” A person needs to be comfortable labeling themselves at the level that they are actually at. When someone is honest with him or herself, then growth can begin.

The most recent goal that I had my son (7yrs) set was for the new novel that he is just beginning. He is a great reader. I realized that if we did not set a goal as to when the book would be completed, it might drag on for quite sometime. Reading a book for too long a time period creates an experience like sitting down to watch one movie over several days. It as if a person continues to start and stop the movie several times. The intensity is missed and the story is tough to follow.

So set those goals! Achieve so much more by goal setting! Plus, accomplishing a goal is a great feeling!

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