Writing on Demand

You have 20 minutes. “Go!”

I am trying something new. Before this semester, writing on demand is something that I was never quite able to perfect and use the way I wanted to. The idea started out from our school’s new textbooks which use this as a type of writing students should be able to do. Then, as I started to think about it, I realized that this could be a great way to show growth and demonstrate the skills that my students had gained when it came time to present data for my own teaching observation. However, then, I realized I could use this a step further. Besides just working on growth for my own purposes, I have students really analyze and look at their own growth if I provided the correct materials. I had always had students write in journals, spend hours writing creatively, and of course assigned essays. While this does not take the place of formal essay writing; writing on demand is meant to enhance the process of writing by building the writer’s confidence.

In the past, I would write comments on the paper, and then maybe at the end store a bunch of papers for students to comment on. However, by allowing students to have an interactive folder that stores writing, it is my goal that they use their work to identify patterns, see growth and feel accomplished about the work that they have done. English teachers get a ton of papers to grade, long essays to find a way to navigate through, and never quite have the optimal way to provide feedback to students about their writing. I invsion students writing me comments in their folders about what they could improve on and focus also on strengths that they have.

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